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Jun 1, 2022

I speak on this podcast with Ellen Bayens of about the articles, studies, and interesting stories she has presented to us this past month. 

We spoke about a family who had one child suffering with IBD and a second diagnosed with IBS.  This conversation became about the differences between the two conditions and how the diagnosis and treatment of IBS and IBD have advanced substantially over the past decade.  On the subject of children, we looked at the benefits of having support systems within the celiac community not only for celiac children, but also for the parents of celiac children.  This support is important, soon after diagnosis, as well as on an ongoing basis.  A recent study to find a biomarker that would be able to measure how children were responding to a gluten free diet led Ellen and I to a discussion of using or mis-using TTG numbers to indicate healing and the adherence to the gluten free diet.

Ellen put in a special word for Michelle, of Michelle’s GF Kitchen as during May she was working with the Edmonton Chapter to help with ideas for some gluten free meals.

As always, Ellen and I speak about food, and on this occasion, it was gluten free fish and chips and why they cause such a stir in our community.

I received an email from a listener of the podcast who gave me more current information about a labelling issue I got wrong on a previous podcast.  We all make mistakes, but if we can come away with the correct information, we’re all better for it.



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