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May 18, 2022

I was able to attend the second webinar presented by the CCA during the month of May, Celiac Awareness Month. The subject of this webinar was IBS and Celiac Disease. There were two very engaging speakers, and I had the privilege of speaking with both of them for this podcast.

Meghan Donnelly is a Registered Dietician who works for Dr. Schar, as Senior Manager of Nutrition Services. We know the company as Schar gluten free.  Megan works with individuals who could benefit from a specialized diet.  She has worked with many patients who are celiac, as well as those who have IBS. She explains the low FODMAP diet, which is meant as a resource to identify specific foods that may be causing IBS symptoms in the gut. Megan explains the process of working through the diet as well as other forms of dietary treatment. Megan has some great slides in the webinar. The link is below.

Dr. Maria Ines Pinto-Sanchez is the Lead at the Adult Celiac Clinic at McMaster University’s Farncombe Digestive Disease Centre. Dr. Pinto-Sanchez gave a great description of both the similarities and differences in both the presentation, testing and treatment of IBS and Celiac Disease. I speak to her about the patient journey when presenting with symptoms that could be IBS or Celiac. She very well defines the differences of how the gut is affected in both conditions. There are some great slides and charts in the webinar presentation that illustrate these differences.

Also, Dr. Pinto-Sanchez would like to encourage everyone to fill in the international survey about covid and vaccines. You can find the survey at Best to have your vaccine certificates handy, as the survey is collecting that information as part of the survey.

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