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May 11, 2022

The CCA presented a webinar the first month of May, Celiac Awareness Month, about Neurology and Celiac Disease.  Nicole Byrom introduced the two guests for the webinar, and now, I have been able to record a podcast with both of them.  I first speak with Sonia Jones, who was also featured in an article in the Canadian Celiac Magazine. Here’s the link –

Sonia’s story is one of a very quick onset of neurological symptoms, followed by a prolonged journey to diagnosis. With all the tests Sonia was given, she’s confident she’s the million-dollar patient.

I then speak with Dr. Ian Croall. Dr. Croall is a Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield in England. He is not a medical doctor seeing patients, but during the course of his research, he has studied the brains of many people with celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and gluten ataxia. You can find out more about his studies by watching the webinar. I speak to Dr. Croall about the impacts of his research on other celiacs and on those yet to be diagnosed.

You can watch the webinar at this link –

You’ll also hear in the podcast about the “Could it be Celiac” Checklist. Here’s a link –


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