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Oct 13, 2021

Everyone has a diagnosis story, and I enjoy listening to and sharing many or them.  This episode of the podcast is a conversation with Beau Bristow of Nashville TN.  Beau was diagnosed as an adult and had a long list of symptoms, which to him were unrelated.  Of particular note,

 was the brain fog, which by reason of the name, you don’t realize at the time, and only once the fog has lifted do you understand what you were missing.  Finding suitable restaurants is a pain point for most of us, but in Beau’s case, he was determined to help solve this problem, not only for those of us on a gluten free diet, but for people suffering from other allergies.  The approach of the website is to help someone requiring a special diet to find a restaurant that understands and follows suitable procedures for you to eat safely.  You can signup on the website to receive new information.  The website will soon be an app, to be downloaded, but at the moment it is focusing mostly in the Nashville area to get it right – how to onboard restaurants and the rate them as a “pick” for your special diet or not.  Beau has also asked for feedback from those on a gluten free diet and you can reach him at  You can also find Picknic on Facebook and Instagram @gopicknic.



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