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Aug 18, 2021

As the pandemic has progressed, organizations have become more creative in adapting their annual events to still continue, but in a different format.  That is certainly the case with the Scotiabank Run being held in Toronto.  The CCA is heading up Team Celiac and inviting anyone across the country to Step Up for Team Celiac and participate in whatever way they can – choose a suitable distance, walk and run, challenge yourself with more than one distance, or run during the in-person event in Toronto.  Other cities host Scotiabank Runs and some of our celiac groups are very involved in the events in their own locations, but if you can’t participate locally, or the Toronto run is your local run, head to the CCA website to sign up to Step Up for Team Celiac.  Julie and I also discussed the upcoming virtual CCA conference, which has a different format this year.  The first day is for the yet to be, or recently, diagnosed with the second day being for the those of us who have been diagnosed more than a couple of years.  The CCA is also asking for our help in formulating their proposal for labelling of some foods, including supplements that do not currently fall under the labelling regulations for food.  More information on these initiatives can be found on the CCA website –


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