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Jun 16, 2021

There are many things that those of us on a gluten free diet must learn quickly once we receive our diagnosis.  For many of us the most challenging is how to prepare and safely eat a gluten free diet, while living in a household that eats gluten.  Carla and I discuss this common situation.  We offer different suggestions for day-to-day coping and highlight the idea that every family situation is different.  What might work for you and your family may not be workable for another.  The strictness of the diet is something we all have in common, as well as the frustration of educating our family members.  Both Carla and I agree that over time, as a family you will settle into routines that are work-able for your situation – family members begin to understand and accept, children get older and have a greater understanding, and the celiac family member gets better, which makes it all worthwhile.  Carla is a co-host on my other podcast “Gluten Free Weigh In” and she finds following an intermittent fasting lifestyle works for weight loss and makes her gluten free diet easier to cope with.  You can find Carla on Instagram @celiac_and_the_suburbs


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