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Mar 24, 2021

On this episode I speak with Tabitha who has an Instagram page called Gluten_Free_Canada.  The page caught my attention because it only had gluten free grocery store foods.  I reached out to Tabitha and was curious to see why she started the page, and what her best food finds were.  Tabitha has been diagnosed celiac for more than ten years and enjoys both grocery shopping and reading labels.  She makes sure to only feature foods she enjoys.  Reading labels is a skill that must be acquired over time and is particularly difficult for the newly diagnosed.  Tabitha features some foods on her page, which I didn’t realize were gluten free.  I suppose we all get into a routine with our food choices and often don’t take the time to look for new options.  Tabitha is now doing that for me.   

You can find Tabitha’s Instagram page at Gluten_Free_Canada.

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