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Mar 10, 2021

Let’s start the blog with the show notes for this Episode –

On this episode I speak with my daughter Deanna regarding a curious question she posed to me recently about some newly launched seltzer drinks appearing in the beer stores here in Ontario.  These drinks contain barley malt, so off limits to us.  The problem is the same drinks are in our LCBO (liquor stores) in Ontario, same branding, but with vodka or another alcohol and no barley malt.  This means that we should be able to drink the ones bought from the liquor store.  The problem boils down to the branding.  These two different drinks have the same name, the same branding and packaging.  The malt beverage says in very small letters on the packaging “malt beverage”.  Deanna and I discuss this problem and what issues we see it causing for those of us requiring a gluten free diet.  Is ordering a drink on a summer patio now going to add another layer of difficulty for us?


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