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Feb 10, 2021

This week I’m thrilled to be speaking with Hayley Repton, producer of the short film – “Glutened”. The film is a fast-paced look at a young woman’s rollercoaster journey after diagnosis; how her life changes and how she comes to terms with the many aspects of her new lifestyle.  Hayley let us in on some behind the scenes information, along with some of the rational for the many threads she pulls together to weave the story.  I admit to Hayley that I cried at the end of the film, and when I’ve re-watched it, my emotions are still so close to the surface.  This is an important film to watch, both for the diagnosed and those around them.  Hayley has crafted a story that pulls the viewer in and imparts an incredible amount of true-life information in 8 minutes.  Thank you, Hayley for this valuable contribution to our community.

You can watch the film “Glutened” on vimeo at

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