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Feb 3, 2021

Let’s start the blog with the show notes for this Episode –

It’s early February and time again to welcome Ellen Bayens of back to the podcast to discuss some of the news and happenings she has brought us from the celiac and gluten free world.  Ellen and I talk about a couple of studies, one to do with universal testing of children for celiac disease and the other is a very small study looking at managing the gluten free diet.  We also chat about food blogs, and in particular one from Teresa of Gluten Free KOB, as a compliment to her online baking courses.  Gluten Free Oreos have hit the market in Canada which prompts a lively discussion following much controversy over social media regarding package labelling.  Recently, I received an email from a woman in England who produced a short film called “Glutened”.  It is a must-see for everyone with celiac disease, and for those around them.  I will be interviewing the producer for this podcast in the near future.  Listen for the interview and you can watch the film at

Study Urges Universal Screening for Celiac Disease in Children

Managing a Gluten-Free Diet Affects All Levels of Society

Introducing KOB Gluten-Free Baking Resource - FREE Printer-Friendly Recipes & Instructional Videos

'Glutened - The Film'! The everyday life of a newly diagnosed celiac who finds her gluten-free groove!

Direct link to the short film “Glutened” -

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