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Jan 6, 2021

On this episode I speak with Ellen Bayens of who brings us up to date on what’s in the news regarding celiac disease and the gluten free diet.  December is normally a quiet month when it comes to releasing new medical information from studies, and this December was no different.  We speak about a study that considers reducing the requirement for a biopsy to diagnose celiac disease.  Ellen also fills us in on the safety of the Pfizer Covid19 Vaccine.  As well Ellen and I talk about some new resources available to celiacs, not only the newly diagnosed, but for those of us who have been following a gluten free diet for many years.  During 2020 many gluten free businesses were faced with difficult decisions – continuing to struggle, or changing their business model.  Each gluten free business/service is unique and Ellen and I talk about how some are meeting this challenge.  You can find more information about our topics at –

Bye Bye Biopsy for Adults with Celiac Serology 10 Times Higher Than Normal

Is Pfizer’s COVID19 Vaccine Safe for Celiacs?

HEALTHY ME – A Gluten Free Lifestyle Course 

Gluten-Free Businesses Diversifying Due To Covid / Reinventing Themselves. 

The Art of Slow Food Opens 100% GF Wood-Fired Pizza Food Truck! 

Introducing El Faro Gluten Free Flour 

IXIM Tortillas, Seasonings, Salsas & More, Made by Taco Revolution Food Truck 

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