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Jun 10, 2020

On this episode I caught up with an old friend who had a gluten free bakery about 20 minutes out of town from my bakery, and we often chatted and supported each other.  My bakery has been closed for a number of years now, and initially Rita closed hers as well.  For quite some time, Rita has had a stall at our local farmer’s market here in Kingston on Sundays selling her baked goods.  Over the stay at home Covid-19 times, the market has adapted in simple, but effective ways to allow Rita to continue to bake for her customers.  I thought this was a good chance to talk to a respected commercial/home baker about baking bread.  Seems everyone is dabbling in baking bread while they are off work.  Gluten free bread is a completely different challenge.  Rita and I talk about the different kinds of bread, some of the baking tips we have and give encouragement for those thinking about taking the plunge, to jump right in.  The link for the Kingston Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market is –

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