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Jun 3, 2020

Once again this month, I have the pleasure of speaking with Ellen Bayens of to discuss some of the information and articles she brought to our attention lately.  She presented a few research studies looking at links between celiac disease and Type I Diabetes, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, as well as the role some environmental chemicals might play in the incidence of CD in children.  We discuss the difficult daily decisions faced by asymptomatic celiacs, who don’t suffer stomach issues when they ingest gluten, and how that adds another level to the disease.  The topic of food scarcity for those with allergies or on special diets is highlighted by a US article, and we discuss its relevance for us in Canada, as well as strategies Ellen and I use on our not so frequent grocery outings.  As well, Ellen introduces us to Mia Kennedy who will be a twenty-something contributor to both and the podcast.

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